Ammended Park Rule 13 – Permanent Living

Amended Park Rule 13  

Amended May 19, 2018

13.  Campground Living

a).  Per public health code Act 368 of 1978, Environmental Health Part 125 and Campground section of Michigan Complied Laws 333.12501, the Board of Directors by its authority to make rules per Article VIII (8) of the Bylaws has defined “Temporary Campground Living” as During the four month period of December, January, February and March, owners must vacate the entire resort for a total of forty (40) calendar days. The days need not be consecutive but must total 40 complete days in the aggregate.

“Vacate” is defined as securing the Owner’s Unit , then exiting and not re-entering the entire RV Resort for an entire day.

b). On May 15 of each year, commencing with the 2018-2019 winter season, any Owner or Co-owner who had previously failed to vacate the RV Resort for the winter shall complete and deliver to the Park Manager a verification of compliance in the form  attached.  The Board will notify all current known violators by a letter from its counsel.  Failure to deliver such verification shall be deemed an admission that No Vacating occurred.

c). Each day any owner has failed to comply with Section (a.) above shall be deemed a separate violation of Park Rules and Bylaws and subject to the fine(s) provided in Article XX(3) (a-d), namely $25 for 2 days, plus $50 for the 3rd day, plus $100 each additional day.  Additionally, Lexington RV Resort will seek injunctive relief in a court of Law to protect its Campground License, including expulsion per section 115 of the Michigan Condominium Act ( MCL 550.215).