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Daily and Seasonal Rent for 2020 Season

The Board of Directors have increased seasonal rent to $3,500 and $65 per day with a $10 registration fee for daily or weekly rentals.  Holiday weekends are $75.00 per night.

The rationale – expenses have increased over the years and in comparison with other parks in the area we were well below market rate. Owners receive 80% of the rent collected. If you are interested in renting your vacant lot – let the office know. As a reminder Park Models are not allowed to be rented.

Visitor Parking

As a courtesy to our visiting guests and families, on holiday weekends please move your vehicles out of the visitor parking area and move to the road adjacent to the pavilion or the parking area by the pool. Thanks for your cooperation.

As a reminder – the small spaces in front of the Clubhouse are for golf carts only. Thank you!

Maintenance Dues

Dues billings will go out in Oct – $675 is due in November. Late charges are added in January .  The majority of our owners pay in a timely manner and that is appreciated!  As a reminder, monthly payments can be made as long as you are paying in advance, not after the due date.  Check the rules & regulations to see that late charges – you will want to avoid paying late!

The Township Specific Tax of $36 is due by Dec. 31.  Exempt are vacant lots and motor homes. Please make your checks out to Lexington Township and drop in the Office we will take over to the Township for you. Thank you!